Ragdoll Cats eat Kobe Beef (3 Course Tasting Menu) | The Cat Butler

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Ragdoll Cats eat Kobe Beef (3 Course Tasting Menu) | The Cat Butler

Have you ever wondered what a 3 Michelin star experience would be for a cat?
I am the Cat Butler and today my ragdoll cats are going to eat Kobe Beef in a 3 course tasting menu!

The dishes will include Kobe Beef with Pea Purée, Salmon Sashimi topped with Bonito Flakes with drops of Liver Purée on the side, and finally some Bone Marrow with Cat Grass.

If you aren’t familiar with Kobe beef, it is also known as A5 Wagyu Beef, it is among the most sought after expensive meat in the world from Japan.

I hope you enjoy this fine dining experience with my cats!

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► The Stars

○ Teemo - Cream Bicolor Ragdoll Cat Boy
○ Arya - Cream Bicolor Ragdoll Cat Girl

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