Kitten Loves Doing Surprise Attacks On The Older Cat !!

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Kitten Loves Doing Surprise Attacks On The Older Cat !!

When Indy was a little kitten, he was constantly doing surprise attacks on my older cat Santi. Jumping on him from high places, startling him by making sudden moves, grabbing his tail, attacking from behind, attacking from even underground!! And even after he grew up, Indy continued these antics, but in the end, Santi finally found a way to completely avoid these surprise attacks!

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This channel is about the daily lives and adventures of my two indoor cats Santi & Indy and our 9 outdoor cats and my dog Walter.
Santi (8) and Indy (1) live with me in my house and Walter (7) lives in my garden.
And we have 9 outdoor cats living in my dad's garden. Their names are; D'Artagnan, The Rolling Cat, The Purring Cat, D'Artagnan's girlfriend, Porthos, Zoom, Junior, The Mom Cat and The Big Head.
Apart from their videos, from time to time I also upload videos of other animals I come across.
So basically, what you'll find here are lots of funny and cute cat videos, an ongoing miniseries about a cat love drama, sometimes rescue stories and always a whole lot of meowing! Enjoy!
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